Saturday, March 23, 2013


We are lucky enough to get to visit Disney regularly, so we don't have to stress about figuring out just the right age to go and how to see everything when we are there.   We just go, hang out, go to the park one day and hang out by the pool the rest of the time.....and then when we leave, talk about what to see / do next time.

We visit Downtown Disney at least a couple times....
We did the character breakfast at the Contemporary....the characters were GREAT from far away, but up close and personal....well, a picture is worth a thousand words....
Enjoyed the playground at Old Key West...
The pool was the biggest hit of all --- I almost fell over when I saw Pops throwing her in, with Dad catching her....but, she really did love it.  Crazy girl!
Family pic at Board Walk....
All day trip to the Magic Kingdom...Grayson took about a 90 minute power nap in her stroller, but other than that, powered through from sun up to the fireworks show!
Can't wait until next time!

Happy Valentine's Day

Cupid brought G a new stroller for "baby"!

Christmas Day

We weren't sure how Grayson was going to react to Christmas morning, gift opening, over stimulation, etc.  She really seemed to take it all in stride, giving each new present just enough attention to where they seemed appreciated but allowing us to move on to the next gift in a reasonable time frame.   We tried to keep Christmas "smallish".....we did a good job of it for Steve and I, for Grayson, it became out of our hands as gifts seemed to arrive, almost daily, by mail from friends and family far away!  It was a great morning of opening gifts and a nice breakfast, then we got in a nap time before heading over to our good friends' house to spend the afternoon and eat supper.  The biggest treat of the day was the inch or two of snow that fell!   What a rarity to have a white Christmas in Texas!  Enjoy the pics!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Eve

This year we spent our first Christmas in Texas!  We wanted to make sure Santa knew where to find us, and boy oh boy, did he ever find us!   We enjoyed a lazy Christmas Eve "day" with staying in our pajamas all morning and baking and decorating some last minute cookies for Santa.   We went to the 4pm children's mass and Grayson really did great considering we had to get there 45 minutes early to get a seat!   We had a delicious, quite dinner at home afterwards.    Here are some pictures:

Off to church -- I used my delay on my camera!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

December Fun

We had lots of fun outings in December to help us all get in the Christmas spirit.   Grayson had a party at school, we went to ride the North Pole Express train, we went to a Christmas party at the club, it seemed like we had something different every weekend!  
 School party
 Club Party
 North Pole Express